Free File Check

BEFORE you pay!

Are you unsure if your designed files are print ready? No problem!
We will check your files for print compatibility with no order commitment or obligation!

This service is recommended for:
  • First time customers that are not ready to order.
  • Those who are unsure about file setup or need help.
  • Designers that need client sign-off.
  • Customers with complex custom or multi-page print jobs

 What we will proof for free...
  • Proper Bleed and Trim Area
  • Artwork Sizing
  • Elements not within safe area
  • Proper Resolution
  • Proper Color Spectrum
  • Proper File Format
  • Proper USPS Mailing Guidelines
  • and more!

What you should proof...

We don't proof read the content of the artwork, just the print compatibility.
Please make sure to check important things like spelling! If they aren't ready for
printing we'll let you know how to fix them for no charge!

Just upload your files HERE and our art department will review
your files and let you know if they are ready for printing.

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